My name is Jade Nova. I turned 17 today.

My best friend is 1774 years old, and no… she is not a vampire.

She turned up unannounced in my bedroom somewhere between my 6th and 7th birthday. I couldn’t pronounce her ‘actual’ name in our language, and I ended up calling her ‘Sammy’; ‘Sammy Pong’, in fact, for reasons that you will later discover.


Until recently, I hadn’t ever seen Sammy in a ‘physical form’ (she was always more like a kind of… essence – one that was accompanied by a scent). I was clueless about what sort of creature she actually was, and I even wondered, at one point, if she were an alien. She laughed her head off when I suggested that, so I learned something about not judging someone by their (freakish) looks.

She did tell me, though, that Earth had been home to her species since way before humans had arrived. Then she explained that she had come with a message… and a very distinct purpose.

When I finally learned what she actually meant by that, I was blown away. I was also very wary – mainly due to the magnitude of what she was asking of me – in becoming involved with them: her ‘species’.

Now, I feel somewhat like I am living in two different worlds. Sammy and her companions are revering beings, and I am sure they mean us no harm. On the other hand, I have seen enough to know they could erase us from the face of Earth without even raising a sweat.

At the time of writing, only one other person is aware of what I am doing. I know that will change and soon.


The Devas’ purpose is extremely important;

it involves  all the past and future children of Earth.


Sammy suggested keeping it simple and calling it, 'Jade and the Deva', so here it is from the beginning: the 'impossibly possible' story.


Jade Nova


The Jade and the Deva series is a world away from the average Young Adult (crossover) Fantasy Fiction. There is nothing else on the book market like this extraordinary, magical tale.


As a child, Jade Nova is surrounded by peculiar occurrences, a mysterious scent, sudden moments of genius, and what seems to be an astonishing imagination far beyond her years. As a young woman approaching her final year in high school, Jade discovers the strange events of her past were all, in fact, real. Consequently, she embarks on a relationship with ‘etheric’ beings known as ‘Devas’: an ancient lineage of architects, caretakers and custodians of the natural world on Planet Earth.


The Devas have a message for humankind. They seek to employ Jade – a burgeoning filmmaker – to deliver this message to as many humans as possible. Initially daunted by the phenomenal power of the beings she communicates with (and the magnitude of the assignment), she questions the sanity of becoming involved.


However, Jade Nova is not a young woman lacking ambition. The ultimate ‘dream job’ has landed in her lap. She is about to do what no one else has done: capture ‘impossibly possible’ beings, and their worlds, on film. The lure is too strong, and she plunges ahead.


Filled with rich visual detail and description, the Devas’ underlying message for us may be serious, but the way it is delivered is ‘seriously unserious’. Moments of hilarity occur throughout, and the quirky characters will appeal to readers of all ages and backgrounds.


The Jade and the Deva is a story for our times and many will recognize their own thoughts and ideas in its pages... it will resonate for generations.

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